Friend of Man and Beast Alike

by The Satans Of Soft Rock



released September 3, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Justin Collins at Satisfactory Recording Co. & The Echo Lab, TX.

organ, piano: Chris Gomez
bass: David Howard
guitars, vocals: Ryan Becker
drums, synth, percussion: Justin Collins
vocals, synth, guitar, songs: Tony Ferraro

violin: Petra Kelly



"Friend of Man and Beast Alike is an accomplished debut, and one more example of why North Texas is so fortunate to have artists like Ferraro in its midst." - Preston Jones,

"They are puritans of melody, striving only to do right by some elusive ideal they call music and write a hit every time. Ferraro is certainly one of these kinds of writers. His compositions have always been impressive. They have settings, intrigue, depth and characters, some of the sympathetic kind and some of the outright bastard kind. With Satans of Soft Rock, he continues this practice of penning three-dimensional tunes that riff and flow with simple and beguiling melodies. ..[] Satans of Soft Rock represents Tony Ferraro’s tireless quest to write flawless pop songs (he succeeds often)" - Dick Sullivan, D Magazine

"More musicians should commit the crime of pouring this much creative attention and ingenuity into their work." - Jimmy Fowler, @fortworthweekly

--->>> by Christina Ulsch



all rights reserved


Tony Ferraro Texas

You were great. We were awesome.

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Track Name: Satanic Verses
Line up sideways with the rest of the band
Joyous, promised never to expire
and known for your secrets

The author has chosen only just the right words
He scraps the page and proceeds to construct
a wall of mortar

Open arms to tease you
and picked up for a second season
Armed black song birds of the night
Light a match and aim
Watch your tree go up in flames
Measure the flapping dust that you had left behind

Friends do not let friends count their drinks
Or pass around much more than they can take home
converting lovers in to corpses

You are of the select self-chosen few
Lead co-stars in type-casted roles
Clash of the cretons

He says "Women are so easy to control
And men burn books are re-write the old stories"
Satanic verses

Friends like you are why we give up on friends
or hesitate to extend our hand to our neighbor
Track Name: King Run-a-thon
I have found the black diamond of the sun
Our histories combined condemn survival
Throw away your maps and count down 3-2-1-1-3-2-1-2
It's just as important as you thought

To slowly realize the abstract of your worth
Angels are chasing you back to earth
No matter how you bend it
You are King Run-a-thon, lifetime runner

Unlock the will of memory that never takes rest
You have gone mad with seniority
But we know you tried your best
Call me if I need anything
Or if old flames get wet in the process
Track Name: I Am The Engine
I am the engine of honorable mention
I ask once, I think twice
I'm trying to be real nice

i come inside
I steer with pride
O what a lovely life

If you show me some attention
I'll show you with thrust and correction
Then it's over like dinner
Each and every one of us is champion

I am the engine
you'll never have to think again
Track Name: Children In Fur Coats
Children in fur coats
always thinking
how to kill two birds
pass us the olives
no, no peeps now

No, that is not a fountain
no, you don't have to fight for your right to be free

No one will ever know your first names
I am not joking
Children in fur coats
you need to know

That you will always have a home here
Track Name: Zilda Bootneck
I was born a Jewish woman
with skin like opal jewelry
than I had a jealous lover
who made me what you see
I forgave him whilst he's sleeping
and took the next train to here
By the way my name is Zilda
would you like to play?

I was downtown, I saw you walking
Your black eyes pierced my soul
I fished out your room number and
drank all day at the bar
Now we sit, you sip your drink
The bartender inches for the phone
By the way my name is Zilda
but you can call me anything you like

Bloodstains are easier to erase
And if you please:
Make love to me now

If you love her, practice on me
Call me anything that you like
I made plans to be forgotten long before I came
The light washes red onto the stucco and
cars are all I can hear
These new streets are paved in yellow dust
from the mountains we fear
Track Name: The Little Dog Laughed
I take this job to be self-serving
as soon I eat I'm gone
and I will remain clocked on

I take this hostage as a witness
that I am worth all I steal
A finger for every meal

I aim my mirrors at the desk
and asnswer questions for the press
I will close your eyes
and take another bite
to see such sport

I burn bridges by example
I aim for your job
The treasury will be robbed

I read your autobiography
The chorus was very clear
One lie for every ear

I get the feeling I'm correct
for dancing on your neck
I will be the night that you wished you'd died
to see such sport

I keep it simple for the masses
You can be what you hate
and possess your very own fate

I made this story unprintable
I can make you disappear
Like you were never here

I will be the you that you wished you knew
Track Name: Thank You
Thank you
I heard you want to see me
As you know this time of year calls

In lieu: I'm sending you this letter
In time I just might help you see

And I pray and I pray
What good has it done for me?

So you
have shacked up with that greaser
with killer figure, mind of a pap

Like me
You are swallowed by the desert
What you give is more than you know

You write literary manure
do us this one favor i ask:

Put down
the pen and finish dying
Merciful is god on your soul

Track Name: Bootleg Apples
I spent all the money I stole from you
You came like a deacon, I dangled like a churchbell

You told me that fortune was every ones
I proved your claim when I licked your apple

You look like you are enjoying this
You showed me your basket

And I got the first of one bite
You came like a demon in the night
You crept up to my bed and whispered "You are free."

I kissed all the present you made for me
I can't wait to open what I could have stolen

If I counted every ten of your promises
I could be certain of half of the re-writes

You are a song without choruses
You shed the script

I got the bug when I met you
I can't stop stealing in the light
You tried to take from me by lying for yourself

I ate all the apples I saved for you
Its a lifelong lesson from no one worth knowing

I slaved like a camel in spite of you
You gave me the knowledge and there's no way to stop it

I thrash like this many animals
Your blood's still inside me

I can't let go of you now
"Time makes a circle in the sky"
You can never say you didn't say that
Track Name: Mama & The Bricklayer
There's a picture of your mother
hardly filling chairs
bible black hair
Sleepless like a saint

There's a mister on the scene
Somewhere off frame
The only song he sings
Writes itself in vain

It's a history half grown
Forgotten, now unknown to you
Before you go: you're old enough to know
That you're the only one

There's a leaping in your breath
He just sang a song
Now it won't be long
Before you are his wife

There's a cabin in the mountain
Sandy vapor's fast
To make the magic last
for children of this god

Don't just stare, pretend like you care

The wine of youth is spoiled by the truth